My Only Regret Is That I Have Not Drunk More Champagne
— John Maynard Keynes

About Not Enough Champagne

Not Enough Champagne is a weekly podcast in which Cory Hazlehurst and Steve Haynes bring a fresh perspective to the issues in the headlines.

In May 2016 they decided that rather than bore their friends with their attempts at political analysis, Cory and Steve would instead create a podcast to thrill the entire world with their constant yammering, bad jokes and what passes for humour. 

In Not Enough Champagne's first series we mainly discussed the story behind the EU Referendum and its consequences. We also covered topics from tuition fees to Twitter in politics to populist movements across the world.

This current second series has the theme of Taking Back Control, and has so far covered issues ranging from film boycotts to party funding.

The third series of Not Enough Champagne will begin in early 2017 with the theme of Personal Responsibility.

About Steve

Steve is a  born and bred Brummie and a digital marketing professional.  He used to be a member of the Liberal Democrats and stood as the Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate in the 2015 General Election in the Constituency of Birmingham, Northfield. He then left the Lib Dems because Tim Farron really annoys him ( even though in person he's a lovely guy).

Steve likes to describe himself as a "Marxist Libertarian" holding that the core of Marx's analysis capitalism is correct, but that his solutions are a pile of shit, and that it makes no sense to replace one centralised power structure with another one. As such, Steve can often be heard banging on about localism, separation of powers and often gets called a "neo-liberal bastard" ( a badge he wears with pride).


About Cory

Cory Hazlehurst is a Labour member living in Birmingham. His blog Paperback Rioter was highly commended in Channel 4's Britain's Best Young Blogger competition. His writing has appeared in the New Statesman and Progress Online.

Cory works in education and likes to describe himself as "an old-fashioned Social Democrat". Whatever that means.